HypTec is a pioneer

when it comes to developing, producing and testing of premium components for hydrogen and natural gas applications. We are
known for our innovation and highest quality as well as flexibility and timely fulfillment of our customer requirements and wishes. 

Together with our customers we successfully implement our vision of a more sustainable future.

Ing. Mag. (FH)
Thomas Höller CEO

Why Hyptec?

We develop, produce and test valve technology for the next generation of mobility and a cleaner environment. 


Our valves are up to 4-times smaller than comparable competition products.
Silent: valves that operate reliably even if they can hardly be heard guarantee driving pleasure.
Only 640g instead of 4.000g – a “weighty” advantage. Up to 6-times lighter than competitor products and therefore the “weight watchers” amongst valves.
Iron endurance: the used stainless steel guarantees fatigue strength, corrosion resistance and improved accident protection.
Our products have a very low power consumption ~8W.
days is our typical reaction time to requests.

Test center

The state-of-the-art HypTec test center offers numerous possibilities for testing of hydraulic and pneumatic components and products. The availability of combined knowhow in the fields of qualitative analyses and innovative product development allows an effective interpretation of test results. more>>

Apart from normative and legislative required tests we are able to perform special tests in accordance with our customer demands.,
i.e. thermal tests of containers during the refueling with the help of thermography and inside mounted sensors, thermal behavior
of valves, cv-value (flow coefficient) etc more>>


Our close cooperation with several registration offices allows us to act as a certified test lab for the following tests: ECE…

We can perform pneumatic tests with flammable and non-flammable gas with a pressure of up to 1.200 bar.

Both the gas itself and the surrounding environment can be conditioned to a temperature range of -45°C to 85°C.

Hydraulic tests with a pressure of up to 1.200 bar for dynamic tests and up to 5.000 bar for static and burst tests can be performed in our test center.


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